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Technical Services-

Consulting, Analysis, and Planning

Anchor Innovation, Inc. was established to support U.S. Government and Service organizations enabling them to optimize programs, achieve assigned objectives, and improve readiness. We provide organizational and operational analysis using established industry methodologies. Our analysis identifies program gaps and seams, assesses risk, and develops/refines requirements and mitigation strategies.

Anchor's team of experts provide decades of security knowledge, expertise, and experience.  From strategy to task, our staff ensures that projects align with standing doctrine and policy, while refining tactics, techniques and procedures to meet security and protection objectives.  Anchor security experts have helped shape the Navy's Antiterrorism (AT) program through consulting and project support to U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFF) in numerous AT projects: Developed the U.S. Navy’s Defensive Antiterrorism Concept of Operations (CONOP),  Harbor Patrol Unit (HPU) Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), supported Commander U.S. Fleet Forces Command AT Flag Summit analysis as the Navy's Executive Agent for Antiterrorism/Force Protection, developed portable AT Tactical Pocket Guide (TPG), established processes for Navy AT Warfare Improvement Program.

Anchor analysis methodologies are customized to consider the operator's perspective. Our staff captures analytic data using an extensive set of tools to establish a comprehensive understanding of the current state. Anchor onsite personnel engrain themselves as integral parts of the customer team. We actively participate in developing innovative solutions to standing or emerging challenges to achieve organizational objectives. Our technical and analytic support services span from Echelon I to V commands supporting critical fleet and installation programs and missions. Services include:

  • Requirements. Effects-based concept and requirements analysis that considers employment concepts, gap and seam analysis, emerging technology, and personnel.

  • Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Development. CONOPS provides the foundation for emerging operational employment concepts. They provide detailed revision to warfare doctrine for the integration of new technology and systems, or an emerging construct for meeting mission objectives.

  • Analysis of Alternatives. Anchor leverages decades of operational experience and expertise to develop analysis-based assessment of various organizational decisions. Focused on supporting decisions based on operational impact, analysis also provides succinct summaries that consider return on investment, risk, and total cost.

  • Operational Assessment. Assessments are the foundation of process and program improvement. Anchor develops measures of effectiveness and performance to capture and measure current capability in context of existing and proposed operating concepts.

  • Doctrine, Policy, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. Anchor provides experience and expertise to align strategy to task-level procedures to ensure achievement of mission objectives.

  • Integrated Vulnerability Assessment Support. Anchor provides an "all-hazards," comprehensive approach to safety and security. We can assist government and commercial customers' response to the challenge of anticipating and preventing attacks made by innovative and adaptive threats. Defense against threats that will impact normal operations requires decision-makers who are aware of, and understand, the impact of second and third order effects. The relationship between operational assets and supporting infrastructure creates inter-relationships and interdependencies (both internal and external) and must be evaluated for: Criticality, Interconnectivity, Dependencies, and Recoverability.

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