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Direct Operations Support.

Anchor maintains a team of highly skilled and seasoned mariners, with substantial military maritime experience in the operation and sustainment of shipboard assets, small vessels, and associated waterfront equipment. Every project is meticulously tailored to accommodate the specific size, scope, and complexity to ensure precision and efficiency.

Waterfront Expertise

Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise in maritime operations and logistics Anchor offers to facilitate the movement, storage, and distribution of critical supplies, equipment, and parts to naval vessels to deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Port Operations

By optimizing logistics and security protocols, Anchor ensures streamlined port activities, minimizing turnaround times and enhancing overall operational readiness for any scenario.

Policies & Doctrine

Through meticulous analysis, Anchor develops and implements policies that seamlessly align with mission objectives and regulatory requirements, while also refining operational procedures to ensure consistent and effective execution across all naval operations.

Anti-Small Craft Barriers

Each day, Anchor protects maritime assets from potential threats by collaborating closely with naval authorities to assess vulnerabilities and effectively operate the barrier systems that mitigate risks posed by small boats and other intrusions. 

Services Provided

  • Port operations 

  • Maritime security 

  • Risk mitigation 

  • Doctrine development 

  • Waterfront SMEs 

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