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Anchor leverages its expertise in developing and implementing advanced technological solutions by working closely with clients to understand their specific needs and challenges in order to provide customized solutions that optimize performance and interoperability across fleets for seamless operation.

Alteration Installation

Anchor's experienced team meticulously plans and executes alteration installation projects, ensuring seamless integration of new equipment, systems upgrades, and modifications to enhance operational capabilities to minimize disruption and maximize readiness.

Afloat Testing

Leveraging expertise, Anchor seamlessly integrates and validates critical systems and equipment aboard naval vessels through  conducting rigorous testing procedures, providing reliable and efficient testing support.

Autonomous Boat Maintenance

By utilizing advanced diagnostic tools and techniques to identify and address any issues, Anchor provides maintenance supporting a wide range of naval operations with precision and reliability promising mission-readiness.

Technical Advisory

With a deep understanding of maritime technologies and best practices, Anchor provides informed decisions that align with mission objectives and budgetary constraints to capitalize on opportunities to maintain a technological edge.

Services Offered

  • Alteration packages 

  • Agile, On-Demand Fly-Away Teams   

  • Test support and technology maturation 

  • Prototyping   

  • Adaptive Acquisition   

  • Systems Engineering  

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